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Laid Back 1

A great impression is priceless.

INSTRUCTIONS: Listen to the samples below, add optional background music if you like, then purchase by typing your script at the bottom of the page and adding it to your cart. Purchase with confidence through our secure, online ordering system. For custom orders Contact Us.

Voice Gender: Sample: Price:
Laid Back 1 Female

Add Background Music:

Add background music to your voice greeting for $6.99!

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that high sound quality is required for background music. The sound quality of phone systems varies. Click here to learn more.

Background Music: Sample: Select Price:
No Background Music  
 (adds $6.99)
 (adds $6.99)
Yankee Doodle
 (adds $6.99)
City Blues
 (adds $6.99)
Paula Jane
 (adds $6.99)
Blues and Country
 (adds $6.99)
 (adds $6.99)
 (adds $6.99)
Curious Jorge
 (adds $6.99)
In The Beginning
 (adds $6.99)

Type Script:

The following order form is for voicemail and PBX greetings, and on-hold messages only. For voicemail broadcasts, website audio and other services, please see other services we offer. If you are ordering an on-hold message, your phone system needs to have messaging on-hold capability.

Please be aware your phone system may have a time limit for your voice greeting. The times given below are approximate times and vary slightly depending on the voice you choose. The overall greeting length will be approximately 6 seconds longer with background music added.

Character Length Approximate Recording Length Price
500 30 seconds (adds $0.00)
750 45 seconds (adds $9.00)
1000 60 seconds (adds $18.00)
1250 1 Minute 15 seconds ( adds $27.00)
1500 1 Minute 30 seconds ( adds $36.00)
1750 1 Minute 45 seconds ( adds $45.00)
2000 2 Minutes ( adds $54.00)

For Multiple Prompts all you need to do is place two number symbols -##- between each prompt. Then when you receive your audio files, each prompt you designate will be available for downloading as a separate audio file! More Info

Recording Length:
Recording Text:

All scripts will be reviewed by a professional editor. You may be contacted for pronunciation of names and certain words. If significant changes to your script are necessary, you will be contacted to approve. No profanity, please.

Please be sure all Spanish scripts are submitted in Spanish.

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Greeting Type: Voice Greeting On-Hold Message (adds $3.99)
Specific Format Instructions:
*All audio files are supplied in our standard .wav format (PCM, 41,100 Hz, 16 bit, Mono) unless otherwise indicated. This format can easily be burned to a CD if your phone system requires that hold messages are played from a CD. All orders recorded in the standard . wav format will be available to upload using our Do-It-Yourself automated call attendant.

  IMPORTANT: If you plan to use our automated call attendant to upload your greeting, please click here to be sure it will work with your phone system.

Please allow 3 to 6 business days for delivery.

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