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Pre Recorded Messages

Crack Up Callers with a Funny Voicemail Greeting!
Listen to the pre-recorded voice samples below. Choose your favorite. Purchase with confidence through our secure, online ordering system. Then download immediately!


Voice Description Price Listen
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MS01 The Beer Rhyme $5.99
RH01 Grasshopper $5.99
SA01 Knock-Knock $5.99
MS02 The Phone Genie $5.99
RH02 The Hypnotic Voicemail $5.99
SA02 Operation Fly by Night $5.99
MSO3 Your Inner Ear $5.99
RH03 The Phone Judge $5.99
SA04 Retail Therapy $5.99
MS04 The Little Girl $5.99
RH04 The Pirate $5.99
SA05 The Singing Voicemail $5.99
MS05 A Weekend In Paradise $5.99
RH05 Super Phone $5.99
SA03 Peace, Love and Harmony $5.99
MS06 The Psychic Hotline $5.99
RH06 The Witness Protection Program $5.99
SA06 We'll See $5.99
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